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What does it look like when you team up with BLDB to build your next project? While there can be any number of nuances particular to your needs, here’s the general overview of what that process will look like:

1. Site selection and evaluation: we find the spot where we’re going to build. Location selection is an exciting part of this process and we don’t underestimate its importance to you.

2. Design interview: this is where we get ideas from you. What are you looking for, hoping for, dreaming of for this build? What are key features you need and want? We’re all ears.

3. Concept design: here’s where we get our first draft, if you will, of your build put together. This is where it begins to feel real.

4. Design development: now we do the tweaking, the fine tuning, the adjustments to make this design precisely what you need it to be.

5. Construction specifications: while we don’t find this part tedious, you might. It’s where we make sure everything we’re building is following code and regulations and putting together those integral pieces of this grand puzzle.

6. Pricing: this one is pretty straightforward. What’s the price tag on this beauty going to be?

7. Permitting: at this point, we need to look at what permits need to get pulled from higher entities in order to begin and then we move forward requesting those.

8. Final interior design selections: this is the icing on the cake. Our interior design specialist will masterfully walk you through this process as you put the finishing touches on the interior of your build.

9. Construction: here we pull out the heavy equipment. It’s go time.


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